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IT Management Services


We at Aarbin Technology provide access to the professional Managed IT Solutions to its clients across the borders. Having a setup of well trained and experienced staff members in the IT Department it caters to all your IT related requirements and provide the best solutions in the industry. At minimal costs the client can get a framed network of IT solutions thus saving both his time and money. 

  1. Datacenter Monitoring and Management

  2. Managed User

  3. Always Available

  4. Managed Computer Security

  5. Vendor Management

  6. Managed Email Service


The servers, storage systems, wired/wireless network devices and your internet connections are the core infrastructure components that keep your company running and productive. With proactive monitoring and management of these critical systems and applications, Aarbin technology provides your organization with high availability and uptime of these systems and avoids the types of problems that can cause staff productivity to slow or stop. Keeping on top of patches and updates is also a part of a comprehensive security program to protect the systems and their data

Benefits of Datacenter Monitoring and Management:

  1. Monitoring of Server Room 24x7

  2. Regular updates of core systems with predefined maintenance frame

  3. Security risks reduce

  4. Vendor Management of your IT Infrastructure

  5. Monthly Automated Reports with quarterly reviews

  6. Asset inventory reports


Today the end users we support don’t just have one computer that needs to be managed – they have multiple devices. A laptop, tablet and a smart phone are all part of an effective and sometimes mobile employee. That is why we have a simplified managed user program and not a per-device program that will give you access to our experts over the phone or on-site as needed to meet your needs. For businesses that do not currently have in-house technical experts, as on-demand desktop service offering is far less costly than investing in new IT staff.

Benefits of Managed User Program:

  1. Unlimited end user remote support during business hours.

  2. Desktop Patching

  3. Microsoft Office Updates

  4. Antivirus / Anti Malware Clients

  5. Asset Tracking


Aarbin Technologies ALWAYS AVAILABLE Service fills the role of a fully staffed IT department for your business. Rather than hiring and maintaining a team of trained IT experts, you can save your business time and money by outsourcing these services to Aarbin Technology Pvt Ltd. Through a combination of monitoring and managing your back-end systems, cloud providers and network devices, to providing your employees a support desk to resolve their IT issues, our Complete Care solution provides peace of mind that ensures our end users are happy and productive. 

This managed service solution provides 24x7 monitoring of your data center, a toll free number and electronic ticketing system for reporting and tracking issues. The program provides unlimited remote support during business hours that includes full end user support for their laptop, desktop and mobile devices. Your assigned account manager will be that trusted advisor every company needs to meet with you to review performance, system availability and be sure your IT program is aligned with your current and future business needs.


  1. 24x7 server and network infrastructure monitoring

  2. Complete Server and Desktop Support

  3. Proactive resource planning

  4. Patch Management

  5. Quick response remote support for your end users

  6. Asset Inventory Reporting

  7. Software Inventory Reporting and Management

  8. Vendor Management

  9. Managed Anti-virus and Anti-malware client

  10. Monthly summary report with quarterly business reviews


This critical area is often overlooked. Our managed antivirus solution provides a best-of-breed antivirus/antimalware client that is fully controlled and monitored by our NOC engineers. No more annual renewals. No more policing your employees' machines to ensure that they are actually installing the updates. And no more finding out the hard way that your virus definitions were not being regularly updated. Businesses invest a lot into their laptops and desktops and it needs to be understood the investment does not stop at the initial purchase. You put these systems into your employee’s hands expecting a return on your investment and that these systems will allow them to be productive. Your employees have access to sensitive and important information and traveling users may have this sensitive data on their local laptops.


Aarbin Technology offers programs to protect these systems through monitored and proactive measures to keep these systems up to date, secure and also to track and secure these expensive assets to a company.

Benefits of Managed Computer Security Program:

  1. A best-of-breed managed antivirus, antimalware application that is monitored by our network operations center staff

  2. Windows and 3rd party patch management

  3. Asset tracking for all your systems and applications

  4. Location tracking and device wipe if a laptop is lost or stolen


There are many vendors that come into play under the IT umbrella. From your Internet Service Provider (ISP), Hardware and software reseller and specialized application support provider, Aarbin Technology  can act as your primary contact to these vendors relieving you of the headache of having to learn the geek talk it takes to be sure you are getting the most current and accurate information from these vendors. We will then take that and translate it to something you can understand and get value from. Manage your business and let us take care of these IT vendors for you.



More than just email, today businesses rely on their messaging platforms to stay connected with their teams and partners in multiple ways from multiple devices and from any location. Using best-of-breed providers for these solutions provides our clients with a reliable, highly available and secure platform you can trust to run your business on. 

Technical Support Services


Our experienced support technicians offer the profound expertise in systems and devices that can only come from a team that is constantly learning and training to stay abreast of the latest technologies. We have the knowledge, multi-tiered support structure, and tools to maximize your users’ uptime and security day in and day out. Through advanced remote access tools, we can address end users’ individual issues in real-time – regardless of what application they’re using, what device they’re operating or where they are located.

We focus in providing Technical Support Service that Renders Topnotch Support via Phone / Email with highest reliability and validity of customer service to keep their computer working continuous without facing any trouble.

  • PC Technical Support

  • Laptop / Notebook Technical Support

  • Windows Operating System Support

  • Network Support

  • All Windows application support


We cover all the versions and series of Windows to deliver a comprehensive support service to different users at the parallel destination. We can take care of every facet of your organizations’ IT service, in line with our industry standard practices, to deliver the best understanding for your users and your customers.

Our Windows technical support services covers the following and much more:


  • Installation and reinstallation of Windows

  • Windows Updates

  • Upgrades to newer versions of Windows

  • Configuration and customization of your Windows environment

  • System Optimization

  • Migrating your Windows settings and data to any computer

  • Troubleshooting of error messages

  • Connectivity issues with printers, scanners, and other devices

  • Network and internet connectivity

  • Tutorials on common Windows functions and features

O365 Support and Services


Office 365 offers a innovative way for businesses to take advantage of the modern Microsoft applications. Yet, taking advantage of all that Office 365 has to offer will involve technical expertise. Aarbin Technologies Office 365 Support Services provide the solution to all of these encounters.


Our support services help you identify and address potential risks and issues to make sure your IT systems are healthy and stay that way. Our Office 365 managed services help you manage costs while delivering enhanced performance and better governance.

What you can expect from our Office 365 support services:

  • Office 365 Migration

  • Support, maintenance and enhancements

  • Office 365 administration and governance

  • Ongoing services support and application training services

  • Technical and end-user support services

Windows Server and Application Migrations Services


Aarbin Technology uses business standard best practices to support customers for migration and management of customer IT infrastructures. Our strong support team has vast industry experience in providing end-to-end support for all windows server migrations. Our team specializes in Windows Server, Exchange, Active Directory, architecture, installations and migration strategies. Our approach is to use a combination of latest industry tools, processes, experience and best practices to provide the best solutions to our customers. The teams perform a rapid requirements examination to understand the current setup and provide solutions to optimize your applications, storage, databases and complete infrastructure.

We provide migration service for

  • Mail Server Migrations.

  • P2V Migration

  • Hyper V Cluster Migration

  • Major Website Migrations

  • Server to Server Migration

  • Active Directory Migrations and MORE….

Desktop Support Services


Aarbin Technologies Desktop Support Services are intended to reduce overall IT operational expenses and make more efficient the management of your organization’s end-user desktop computing assets.

Our Desktop support services include following tasks that we carry out regularly:

  •  Monitoring for compliance of IT & network policies by each user desktop machine.

  •  Software updates / Windows Updates

  •  Deployment of new operating system with latest service packs

  •  Regular updates and verification of anti-viruses

  •  Removal of temporary files

  •  Spyware and Virus Removal

  •  Maintaining uniformity organization-wide

  • Installing or updating a software application

  • Adding peripherals such as a printer, scanner or camera

  • Installing security and performance updates

  • Installing or updating system drivers